New Website Launches in:









ITI Family and Friends,

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

We are excited to update you all that we are currently in the final stages of testing for our new and improved website. It has been a year-long endeavor and we are rebuilding the entire site from the ground up.

It will feature:

  • Faster Load Time
  • More Accurate Product Search
  • Improved Overall User Experience
  • Easier & Secure Checkout
  • Smaller Catalog
  • 2 & 25 Pound Packaging Options

Since it is crucial for the transition we will be unable to process online orders until the new site launch, so please email your orders to for timely processing. We sincerely thank you for your patience and for working with us during this transition.

~ Bianca Shah
CEO, International Tea Importers

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