Cafe, Coffee Shop, & Food Truck Starter Sampler A Kit

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Brew up something special with the Cafe, Coffee Shop, & Food Truck Starter Sampler A! This all-in-one sample kit contains the perfect mix of caffeinated and non-caffeinated teas, so you can find your favorite without a full-purchase commitment. Each selection is of the highest quality that you’d expect from us, guaranteed to add a unique flavor to any cafe, coffee shop, or food truck.Caffeinate in style with the English Breakfast, our traditional black tea blend. Those searching for something a bit wilder can try our Jasmine First Grade - a green tea expertly scented with jasmine flowers. If a herbal blend is more your speed, the Earl Grey - De La Crème will hit all the right spots.Those with a taste for spice can’t go wrong with Masala Chai, an energizing blend of black tea, spices, and milk. Or, you can add a fruity yet sweet kick to any menu with our Peach Vanilla Tea. Feeling adventurous? Check out the Passion Fruit Green Oolong or the Mango Coconut Green Tea.Looking to pair something soothing with that cup of coffee? The Berry Chamomile and White Rose teas offer that perfect balance of flavor and relaxation. End it on a tropical note with Hawaiian Paradise - an infusion of hibiscus, mango, and pineapple with a touch of sweetness.With all these flavors available in one kit, you can confidently create an innovative and unique selection for any cafe, coffee shop, or food truck. Explore the flavors of the world with the Cafe, Coffee Shop, & Food Truck Starter Sampler A and experience quality with every cup!


Samples included:

  1. T-002 English Breakfast
  2. TCJ-003 Jasmine First Grade
  3. EG-007 Earl Grey - De La Crème
  4. CHAI-001 Masala Chai
  5. FB-057 Peach Vanilla Tea
  6. FO-004 Passion Fruit Green Oolong
  7. FG-026 Mango Coconut Sencha (Allergen)
  8. HB-002 Berry Chamomile
  9. FW-025 White Rose
  10. HB-023 Hawaiian Paradise