Wellness & Mindfulness Sampler / Conventional A Kit

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Get your relaxation and mindfulness journey off to a great start with the Wellness & Mindfulness Sampler! Our curated collection has the best of both chemistry and nature that will soothe your soul. Crafted with care and intention from the finest ingredients, this collection will provide you with the perfect blend of refreshment, energy, and wellness whenever you crave it. Enjoy the subtle aromas and flavors of organic Orange Blossom Oolong tea combined with a blend of energizing matcha, or sample our Wisdom Pu-Erh Chai for a divine blend of earthiness and spice. To invigorate your senses, try our energizing blend of Acai Berry White with Blue Berry, or indulge in our Holy Detox tea for a light and fruity detoxification. For a truly unique experience, try our Herbal Energizer or Red Berry Citrus Delight for a hint of sweetness and refreshing citrus notes. Our Empress blend is the perfect way to end your routine and relax in style, while Ginger Jasmine and Citrus Berry Sage will provide you with the perfect balance of energizing herbs and calming blends. Let the Wellness & Mindfulness Sampler provide you with all the tools you’ll need to start your journey to relaxation and mindfulness today!

Samples included in this Kit