Wellness & Mindfulness Sampler / Conventional B Kit

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Welcome to the ultimate wellness experience – the Wellness & Mindfulness Sampler! Perfect for anyone looking to de-stress and pamper their body in a stimulating and natural way – without caffeine drinks included. With our carefully curated selection of samples, the Wellness & Mindfulness Sampler is perfect for anyone searching for the perfect way to reconnect with their mind and body.The Sampler features an abundant selection of herbal infusions and tisanes, providing an inviting journey into the world of herbal wellness. Each sample offers the perfect balance of flavours and aromas, conjuring unique sensations and experiences. From the refreshing Summer Love Lemonade to the more warming Holy Detox, to the unique Berry Bunch – no two cups of tea ever taste the same.Discover the soothing, purifying and calming properties of Herbal Forest, revive your senses with delicious Cold Comfort, or relax in the evening with Evening Comfort. Journey into the land of Roobios Evening Jewel, unwind and invigorate with Herbal Tulsi Chai, or let the tantalizing aroma of Chamomile Lavender soothe your soul. Our products combine the finest ingredients to create the ultimate mindful experience while providing your body with the benefits of natural plant-based remedies.Treat yourself or a friend to this ultimate gift of wellness. Our Wellness & Mindfulness Sampler allows you to sample a range of herbal teas in the comfort of your own home. Share this special journey with someone you love, and start living your best life!

Samples included in this Kit