Wellness & Mindfulness Sampler / Conventional C Kit

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Get ready to experience a mindful moment! Our Wellness & Mindfulness Sampler conventional C gives you a taste of 10 of our teas - without the caffeine. We crafted each blend with the thought and care to bring you the best of natural and organic ingredients. Spice up your day with our Masala Chai, hydrate with our Rose Earl Grey, simply relax with our Lemon Chamomile, and marvel in the deliciousness of our Pomegranate Bai Mu Tan. With the Wellness & Mindfulness Sampler, every sip will be just as special as the last.Included in your sampling experience will be Masala Chai, Kashmiri Green Tea Chai, Rose Earl Grey, Honey, You're My Darjeeling, Ginger Green Tea, Acai Berry Green w/ Raspberry, Pomegranate Bai Mu Tan, Lemon Chamomile, Orange Blossom Oolong, and Fujian Oolong. Let each blend whisk you away to a different world of taste and aroma. Make your relaxing moments even more special with the Wellness & Mindfulness Sampler conventional C – an experience so invigorating that you will never forget it!

Samples included in this Kit