Wellness & Mindfulness Sampler / Organic Kit

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Take your wellness and mindfulness practice to the next level with the Wellness & Mindfulness Sampler! This unique sample kit contains the perfect mix of caffeine and no caffeine teas that are all organic! The collection includes Organic Chai Spices, Organic Lemon tea Green, Organic Oolong Qilan, Organic Turmeric Comfort, Organic Mariposa Garden, Organic Honey Tea, Organic Turmeric Comfort, and Organic Turmeric Zest.These organic teas offer a special blend of flavors that open your mind and ease your spirit. Plus, they’re great for inducing relaxation and promoting improved productivity. With this Wellness & Mindfulness Sampler, you can enjoy the full range of caffeine-free and caffeinated teas, which are perfect for managing your mindfulness and your wellness at the same time.You don’t have to go far for the perfect cup of tea. Get this sampler today and discover a variety of teas that are sure to make your wellness and mindfulness journey more enjoyable and easier to manage!

Samples included in this Kit