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Who is ITI: Let Us Re-introduce Ourselves

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Who is ITI:

Let us Re-Introduce Ourselves

By:Siobhan Nasby 13/07/2021
Who is ITI: Let us Re-Introduce Ourselves

Our origin story here at ITI starts off rather humbly. In the year of 1992 our founder Devan Shah started the company in his father-in-law’s garage, at this time the company was named India Tea Importers. It was during this first year that Devan started importing the first chests of tea from the Nilgiri region of Southern India. While Devan’s original ambitions were to import Indian tea to the United States, he soon found himself bringing in teas from other parts of the world. This would then prompt a name change for the company. We then became who you know us as today, International Tea Importers. Not only is Devan Shah credited with bringing Indian tea to the forefront in America, but he is also credited with bringing the famous Chai tea to the United States by the World Tea Academy. This move would forever change the palette of American tea drinkers nationwide. 

Though we began as an import tea company we have since evolved into so much more. We now offer a variety of services such as blending, manufacturing, and packaging all done in house. Here at ITI we are a full service tea business that offers importing and exporting services, blend development, packaging options, dropshipping, assistance in tea selection and the knowledge of a group of tea sommeliers.

We here at International Tea Importers are excited to look towards the future and hope that you will let our team be your one stop shop for all of your tea needs. 

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