Posted by International Tea Importers on Aug 29th 2022

How To Start An Online Tea Business

Tea BlogHow To Start An Online Tea BusinessBy:International Tea Importers 12/08/2022 Share ShareSo,you want to start an online businessGood choice, seeing as tea is the most popular beverage in the world after water..You know you're onto something when the closest competitor … Read more

Posted by International Tea Importers on Aug 28th 2022

7 Teas to Improve Your Focus

Tea Blog7 Teas to Improve Your FocusBy:International Tea Importers 22/08/2022 Share ShareFocus, it's a word we are all too familiar with but it's getting harder than ever to keep that state.There's no big deal in a little 30 minute burst of focus but when you need to get int … Read more

Posted by Siobhan Nasby on Apr 9th 2022

Who is ITI: Let Us Re-introduce Ourselves

Tea BlogWho is ITI:Let us Re-Introduce OurselvesBy:Siobhan Nasby 13/07/2021 Share ShareOur origin story here at ITI starts off rather humbly. In the year of 1992 our founder Devan Shah started the company in his father-in-law’s garage, at this time the company was named Indi … Read more

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