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History of the "Arnold Palmer" />

History of the "Arnold Palmer"

If you play golf or are even an avid fan of watching the game on tv, the name Arnold Palmer should be a familiar name. Palmer was famous the world around for his historic golf career but to some he’s even more legendary for the tea based drink that contains his name. Growing up in Southern California as a kid who played golf, an iced cold “Arnold Palmer” was a real treat during the summer months after a day of practice. To this day even as an adult I can’t say no to one after a day out on the links! For today’s blog we are going to do a little tea deep dive into how this famous iced tea drink is connected to this legendary man of the game of golf.



You might think there is some big flashy story that I’m about to share, but I’m not. This story is quite simple in fact. Everyday when Mr. Palmer would practice he would take time out of his day to go back home for lunch with his wife Winnie. Winnie would prepare pitchers of iced tea for them to enjoy with lunch and one day Arnie was struck with an idea. He suggested that when Winnie makes their usual pitcher of iced tea to leave a bit of room at the top of it so lemonade could be added. He took one sip and was hooked, he loved it so much that he even took a thermos of this new drink back to the golf course with him and for everyday after that.


This fortuitous event happened early in his career and it wasn’t until the mid 1960s that the general public got wind of this delightful concoction. According to the story, Arnie was in the golfer’s paradise, Palm Springs. He sat for lunch at a local course and ordered his favorite combination of iced tea and lemonade. A lady who was enjoying lunch nearby heard Mr. Palmer order and informed the waitress that she would have the same, “that Palmer drink” she said. Supposedly the rest is history!

The Perfect Arnold Palmer Ratio

  • Served in a tall Collins style glass with ice, a slice of lemon, and 50% lemonade and 50% black tea.



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