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TeaVendor Tea Picks: Teas for Spring />

TeaVendor Tea Picks: Teas for Spring

Are you looking to mix up your current tea selection? Our team here at TeaVendor is always looking to create fun and exciting offerings and we have a few we think are real winners! Whether you are looking for a sweet treat, a spiced brew, or a refreshing cup for Spring, we have a little something for everyone. Check out the teas below!

OMG Its Spring

OMG, it's spring! This blend is a refreshing taste of sunshine for your palate. The delicious flavors of green tea, orange peel, ginger root, apple pieces, safflower, and mango pieces will remind you that warmer days are just around the corner.

Honey You’re My Darjeeling

This tea will leave you saying “Oh Honey!”. Your morning cup of tea is not complete without this blend of Darjeeling tea, apples, and black currants. The flavor is rounded out with a delicate bouquet of osmanthus flowers.

Ginger Spiced Banana Bread

Inspired by the delicious flavors of warm ginger and spicy cinnamon, our Ginger Spiced Banana Bread Tea is a comforting and soothing tea that can bring warmth and happiness to any day. You’ll love the rich, delicious taste of this smooth black tea as it delivers the zing of ginger, the sweetness of apple, and the earthiness of roasted mate. Plus you’ll get a little extra boost from almond slices and cloves.

Chocolate Strawberry Champagne

Unleash your taste buds with a delightful blend of sophistication and playfulness in a cup of Chocolate Strawberry Champagne Tea. Crafted with the finest Darjeeling Tea, rich Cocoa Nibs, Black Currant, Cocoa Husk, Chocolate Chips, and luscious Strawberry Pieces, this tea is a true indulgence for your senses.

Join us as we make these refreshing drinks!

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