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Chamomile Lavender

Chamomile and Lavender
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Introducing the perfect blend of relaxation and serenity with Chamomile Lavender tea. Our carefully crafted blend of chamomile and lavender is expertly crafted in California and designed to help you find your center and ease into a sense of peace. Let the comforting floral aroma of chamomile and lavender waft through your kitchen to treat both your taste buds and your senses! With its delicate balance of soothing chamomile and grounding lavender, Chamomile Lavender tea will be sure to be the perfect accompaniment to any of your moments of self-care. Taking a moment for yourself has never been so delicious and easy! Enjoy the smooth, creamy texture as the comforting flavor envelopes your palate. Routines will quickly become invigorating and recuperation times become a softer, sought-after experience. With Chamomile Lavender tea, you ll be confident that your moments of relaxation are as luxurious and fulfilling as possible.