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Colombian Black Tea Mocca

Organic Black Tea, Cacao Husks and Coffee Beans
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Colombian Black Tea Mocca, for a unique and flavorful tea experience unlike any other. Our exclusive blend of three Camellia varieties balances traditional black tea with the earthy flavors of cacao husk and coffee beans to create a complex and deliciously creative taste. Enjoy a bold cup of Colombian Black Tea Mocca when you’re craving something strong yet sweet. Its bright red liquor appearance will tantalize the senses, while ethically sourced organic black tea leaves ensure freshness and quality in every cup. With its distinctive flavor, our Mocca has hints of both coffee and chocolate that lingers on the tongue even after you’ve finished your last sip – perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your day or evening! If you’re looking to awaken your palate and jumpstart the senses with an exotic blend of flavors, give Colombian Black Tea Mocca a try – it's sure to make every moment feel special.