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Empress Blend - Rajini

Black Tea, Lavender, and Rose Petals, with Natural and Artificial Flavoring
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Are you looking for a delicious cup of tea that will start your day off right? Do you want something with an interesting flavor that is sure to delight your palate and your spirit? If so, Rajini is the perfect choice! Rajini is an exquisite black tea blend that draws on the sweet, floral flavor of lavender and rose petals. The combination of these ingredients creates an aroma that is sure to be enjoyed by all. As you sip your cup of Rajini, you can be sure you are receiving the perfect balance of sweetness and crispness, perfect for any time of day. This delightful blend is made in California, and each cup of Rajini is crafted with the utmost care and attention. As you drink your delicious cup of tea, you can appreciate the time and care that went into creating this beautiful blend of lavender and rose petals. Rajini is more than just a great-tasting beverage – it is truly a unique and special experience. As you slowly sip your cup of this delicious tea, you can revel in its subtle complexity of flavor, aroma, and texture. So go ahead – treat yourself to a cup of Rajini today! You won't regret it.