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Japanese Green Tea
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Gyokuro is a Japanese green tea widely known for its delectable, intense flavor. It's distinct, savory, and umami notes give it a unique taste like no other. With its vibrant, emerald-green appearance and sweet, grassy aroma, why wouldn't you want to try Gyokuro? Those looking to try this heavenly blend for the first time are in luck! Gyokuro is brewed with low temperatures - as a result, its intense flavor remains and the effects on your body are minimal. So get ready to enjoy a fresh taste of the Far East with Gyokuro. Gyokuro is from Japan, and is made from high-quality Japanese green tea leaves. From its complex layers of umami taste to its grassy, seaweed infused aroma, Gyokuro makes for an unforgettable drinking experience. So why wait? Get ready for an adventure and try Gyokuro today!