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Herbal Relaxer

Fennel Seeds, Ginger Root, Star Anise, and Senna Leaf
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Take a deep breath and relax with Herbal Relaxer! This unique blend combines traditional Ayurvedic herbs to create a nature-inspired relaxation experience. Herbal Relaxer is artisan-crafted in California with fennel seeds, ginger root, star anise, and senna leaf each of these ingredients provides a different set of calming properties. With Herbal Relaxer, you ll feel at ease and in touch with your natural environment. And best of all, it s so easy to find relaxation in nature just add one teaspoon of Herbal Relaxer to your beverage of choice, and you ll instantly begin to relax and unwind. Plus, Herbal Relaxer is non-GMO and all-natural, so it s safe and effective. Don t wait, find relaxation and balance in the comfort of your own home with Herbal Relaxer today!