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High Noon

Hibiscus, Rose Hips, Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, and Calendula, with Natural and Artificial Flavoring
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Introducing the beautiful and calming blend of High Noon! This herbal infusion contains a perfect balance of tart and sweet, formulated with the finest ingredients and blended in California. Enjoy the fragrance of hibiscus flowers, rose hips, orange peel, and calendula petals. Not only is it calming and comforting, but it is also perfect for aiding in relaxation when the day has been long and stressful. High Noon can be consumed both hot and cold for an even more enjoyable drinking experience. With natural and artificial flavoring, this herbal blend is a delicious treat for your taste buds, soothing your mind and body. From aiding in relaxation to providing a unique flavor, High Noon is the perfect herbal infusion to add to your daily routine. For a unique, comforting, and refreshing experience, make High Noon part of your day. Enjoy a cup of herbal tranquility any time, and make relaxation a priority with this herbal infusion. Try High Noon and see what a difference it could make in your day you deserve it!