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Licorice Lychee Zen

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Presenting the Licorice Lychee Zen tea, your ideal way to relax and naturally boost your senses. It is a delightful combination of green tea, rosehips, lemongrass and licorice root which provides you with countless benefits for both mind and body. Its natural flavors make it a must-have item in every kitchen's pantry!

Experience the calming effects of green tea combined with the delicate sweet notes of lychee. Uplift your mood with lemongrass packed full of anti-inflammatory properties and enhance your energy levels thanks to the proper amount of caffeine found in this blend. Licorice root has calming effects as well as being beneficial for digestion — making this one healthy addition to your diet.

Discover a specially crafted experience that’s light on calories and full on flavor. Make this beautiful blend part of your daily routine and enjoy taking a moment each day to sip on something special! From soothing mornings to evening de-stressing, treat yourself today with our new Licorice Lychee Zen tea!

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