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Loose Leaf Shou Pu-erh

Pu-erh Tea
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If you're looking to explore unique and exceptional tea flavors, we've got something special for you! Our exquisite Loose Leaf Shou Pu-erh originates from the misty mountains of China and is an expertly crafted pu-erh tea that pairs its earthy, full-bodied flavor with a sweetness and mellowness that lingers long after your cup is finished. You'll be enamored by the unique, rich, and unique flavor of this special tea and have a newfound appreciation for the taste of pu-erh! Brewing your own cup of Shou Pu-erh is an exciting way to discover the unique tones and aroma that makes this tea so special. With each sip, you'll unlock the secrets to an ancient and rich ritual that has been enjoyed for centuries in China. Try our Loose Leaf Shou Pu-erh today, and discover a flavor that is as fresh and invigorating as the misty mountains of its origin.