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Nilgiri Ice Tea Whole leaf

Black Tea
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Are you looking for something to cool you down on a hot summer day? Look no further, because we've got the most refreshing Nilgiri Iced Tea Blend for you! This award-winning tea is made from Nilgiri, a region in India with an incredible tea-growing history. Our special Nilgiri Iced Tea Blend is an ideal combination of light and sweet flavors that will leave you wanting more. We've composed this unique blend with ingredients that are carefully selected for maximum freshness. Our Nilgiri black tea is distinct and full of flavor. Infusing it with an even more special blend of iced tea makes it even more special. When you sip on this iced tea, you can taste the excellence of the ingredients that combine to make this magnificent beverage. This special Nilgiri Iced Tea Blend is perfect for summer. Refreshing and perfectly sweet, this iced tea can be enjoyed solo or with a spritz of fresh lemon or lime. Enjoy it any time of day, whether it's a hot summer morning or an evening before bed. With its light and unique flavor, this Nilgiri Iced Tea Blend is sure to be a summer favorite! So don't miss out on this award winning blend, and get it delivered right to your home!