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Organic Black Currant Tea

Organic Black Tea, Organic Black Currant, and Organic Blackberry Leaves, with Natural Flavoring
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Not your average tea! Discover ORGANIC BLACK CURRANT TEA and you'll no longer be satisfied with just plain black tea. This deliciously aromatic tea is rich and full-bodied with a unique flavor that will take your taste buds on an unforgettable adventure. Each distinct sip of ORGANIC BLACK CURRANT TEA combines authentic organic black tea with tart black currant and sweet natural blackberry leaves. The combination offers a complex flavor that is tart, fruity, and slightly sweet. While it's delightful to drink hot, try it served over ice or in a variety of cocktails for an unexpected twist. At ORGANIC BLACK CURRANT TEA, we believe that drinking consciously can make your day brighter. Our organic tea is sustainably sourced and blended right here in California. So whether you share a cup with friends or savor it alone, it's sure to make every experience special. With ORGANIC BLACK CURRANT TEA, you can now enjoy a flavorful cup and feel good doing it. Cheers!