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Organic Chocolate Rooibos (Allergen)

Organic Rooibos and Organic Chocolate Pieces, with Natural Flavoring
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Organic Chocolate Rooibos is a delicious and indulgent way to relax and enjoy your favorite hot beverage. Its velvety chocolate flavor and aroma is sure to be a hit with any dessert lover. Crafted with organic rooibos blended in California and organic chocolate pieces for a truly special taste, this unique tea experience will transport you to a place of relaxation and comfort. So grab a cup, sit back, and prepare to enjoy a taste of luxury. Get to know the rooibos plant and be amazed at its flavorful properties--it's the foundation of this special blend. In addition to its delicious taste, rooibos contains plenty of minerals and antioxidants, making this an incredibly healthful beverage as well. Organic Chocolate Rooibos is perfect for adding a special touch to your tea ritual. Whether it's paired with a favorite sweat treat as a luxurious dessert, or enjoyed alone for an indulgent pick-me-up, it's sure to please. Come experience this unique blend and get a taste of luxury!