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Organic Chocolate Tea

Organic Black Tea and Organic Chocolate Pieces (Contains Soy), with Natural Flavoring
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Welcome to Organic Chocolate Tea, the most delicious tea blend you’ll ever find! This tea is made with a combination of organic black tea and organic chocolate pieces for a luxurious, irresistible taste that will tantalize your taste buds. With natural flavoring, you can trust that you’re getting a beverage that is of the highest quality. And the sweet, slightly nutty aroma of this tea will make your mouth water before you’ve even taken a sip. Aside from the incredible taste, Organic Chocolate Tea is a treat for your health, too. Blended in California, this organic concoction is packed with antioxidants and will help boost your immune system. Start your day with a cup of this divine tea and you’ll feel energized and revived all day long. Whether you’re a fan of tea or just looking to switch up your morning routine, Organic Chocolate Tea has something for everyone. Ready to try Organic Chocolate Tea? This blend of organic black tea and organic chocolate pieces will make your taste buds sing. Grab a bag today and discover what makes Organic Chocolate Tea so special!