Organic Darjeeling PTB (YMT)

Organic Darjeeling Black Tea
$48.00 - $78.00
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Get ready to wrap your taste buds in the cozy embrace of the autumn harvest with Young Mountain Organic Darjeeling. Harvested when the air is crisp and the leaves are bidding farewell until spring, this darling of Darjeeling is no ordinary brew.
Grown lovingly in the Samabeong Tea Estate, where the tea bushes get one last hurrah before winter's snooze, this tea captures the mature, soulful essence of October's foliage.
Unlike its spring and summer Darjeelings, the Young Mountain Organic Darjeeling gets an extra tickle of time in the oxidation process. The result? A juicy, full-bodied flavor that waltzes smoothly over your palate, leaving a trail of satisfying warmth that lingers long after your last sip.