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Organic English Breakfast

Organic Black Tea
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What is English breakfast tea?

English Breakfast Tea is a classic breakfast blend made from black tea leaves with a unique flavor profile. While there is no set recipe for English Breakfast tea, the idea of English Breakfast comes from showing off the reach of the British Empire at its peak. The British Empire at its peak spanned the entire globe, and was responsible for the cultivation of tea worldwide. English Breakfast was created as a blend of teas from all over the British Empire. Most often you’ll find teas from India, Sri Lanka, China, and Kenya in English Breakfast blends. English Breakfast tea is made to be a strong cup of black tea to be drunk in the morning with milk and sugar. Our English Breakfast tea is a blend of teas from the Indian subcontinent.

What is the difference between organic & regular English breakfast tea? 

Organic tea and regular English breakfast tea typically contain classic breakfast blends of black tea leaves. The main difference between the two is that organic blends are made from tea leaves grown and processed without the use of fertilizers, synthetic pesticides or other chemicals, whereas regular English breakfast tea is not. This typically results in an organic tea with a purer and bolder flavor profile that is brighter and more vibrant than a traditional, non-organic blend. When it comes to the breakfast experience, organic English breakfast teas typically provide a full cup of tea with subtle notes of honey. Traditional English breakfast teas often have a bolder, fresher taste, sometimes topped off with a splash of milk. Organic tea also comes from more specific tea industry locations, such as Sri Lanka. On the other hand, classic breakfast blends can come from multiple locations and have slightly different flavor profiles, making it easier to find your favorite breakfast tea.


Recipe: How to make breakfast tea

To prepare the tea:

  1. Start by steeping your breakfast blend tea leaves in freshly boiled water (about 8 ounces or 250 ml) for three to five minutes.
  2. Once the tea is ready, add a little milk, depending on how creamy you like your tea. Add sugar to taste as well.
  3. Pour the tea into a cup and enjoy a classic breakfast beverage