Organic Golden Black PTB (YMT)

Organic Nepali Black Tea
$48.00 - $78.00
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Awaken your senses to the harmonious symphony of Young Mountain Organic Golden Black, the tea that takes you on a flavorful journey to the serene terrains of Nepal. One sip and you're greeted with the smooth caress of notes resembling milk chocolate and dark honey.
Escape the monotony with a cup that stands out from the crowd. If English Breakfast, Yunnan Gold, or Earl Grey are your tea staples, consider Young Mountain Organic Golden Black your new go-to tea.
What makes it truly special? It's lovingly made by the Tinjure Cooperative—Nepal's pioneering team leading the charge toward tea autonomy.
So, go ahead, pour yourself a cup! Whether you're kickstarting your day or winding down for the evening, let each sip of Organic Golden Black Tea whisk you away to the magical, misty mountains where every leaf tells a story.