Organic Gunpowder Green PTB (YMT)

Organic Nepali Green Tea
$48.00 - $78.00
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Take a sip into the whimsical world of tea with Young Mountain Organic Gunpowder Green – the tea that doesn't explode but definitely packs a punch! It's not your average green tea; these tightly-wound pearls are patiently waiting to burst into action and take your taste buds on an epic adventure.
Imagine tiny green pearls, crafted with care by the skilled hands at the Tinjure Cooperative, nestled in your cup. Add hot water and voila! These little pearls unfurl like morning blooms, releasing a kaleidoscope of fresh and vibrant flavors that’ll have your senses doing cartwheels.
It kicks off with a citrusy overture so zesty, it'll have your palate feeling fresher than a sea breeze. Then, as the plot thickens with a second infusion, the leaves lay back, stretch out, and get comfy in your cup, gently offering up notes of serene seaweed dances and a hint of smoky artichoke intrigue.
But wait, there's a plot twist! Begin with a light, swift steep to tease out this tea’s sprightly vegetal charm. Then, take it up a notch with a longer, bolder second round that lets the full character of the Gunpowder Green come forth, loud and proud.
Whether you're a tea novice or a connoisseur of the leafy arts, Young Mountain Organic Gunpowder Green is your ticket to a fun-flavored escapade.