Organic Indian Breakfast PTB (YMT)

Organic Assam Black Tea, Organic Kumaon Black Tea
$48.00 - $78.00
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Start your mornings on a bright, bold note with Young Mountain Organic Indian Breakfast tea—where the traditional English Breakfast tea meets its match in a cup full of gratitude and flavor!
Breath in the aroma of revolution with every steep, as our tea celebrates the heart and soul of Indian agriculture. Envision the verdant terrains of Assam while enjoying malty depths from the finest Organic Assam Black, picked with care to perk up your taste buds and add a robust foundation to your day. Let the spirited, sweet, and slightly tart notes of Organic Kumaon Black leap from the Himalayas into your cup, bringing with it an invigorating burst. Its whimsical flavors are the ideal companions for those times when your breakfast yearns for a dash of cheer!
Our tea isn't just a blend; it's a harmonious dance of strength and sweetness, designed to swoon over some milk or shine solo. Because, why shouldn't your breakfast drink be as well-rounded and full of character as you are?