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What is Jasmine Green Tea?

Jasmine green tea is a popular tea originating in China, particularly in Jiangxi Province. It consists of green tea leaves mixed with organic jasmine flowers or fresh jasmine flowers. The tea has visible floral notes and a very recognizable jasmine flavor. The tea has a sweet aroma and a strong jasmine scent, which you can smell when you pour boiling hot water over the loose leaf. This tea is known to boost metabolism and help you lose weight when consumed regularly. Many also choose the fair trade option to be environmentally friendly. The tea is a good choice for tea lovers as its aroma, different from organic jasmine flowers, makes it unique and pleasant.

Our Organic Jasmine Green Tea is the perfect way to enjoy a warm cup of soothing tea. Brew it hot in the morning, or add ice for a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up. With its floral aroma and taste, this Chinese tea will leave you feeling refreshed and content

Benefits of Drinking Jasmine Tea

Drinking jasmine tea has many health benefits. During tea preparation, the green tea leaves are scented with fresh jasmine flowers, creating the well-known and popular jasmine taste. Organic jasmine flowers from Jiangxi Province in China are known for their powerful jasmine scent. When dipped in hot water, jasmine flowers open and release floral notes, creating a wonderfully aromatic cup of tea. Consuming organic jasmine tea also has significant health benefits, including weight loss, improved immunity, and improved heart health. Fair trade organic loose leaf jasmine green tea is a great way to get the most out of this tea while ensuring it is ethically produced. Enjoying a cup of jasmine tea is an incomparable experience. So taking a moment to enjoy it every day will bring the drink to life.

Types of Jasmine Tea

  1. Organic Jasmine Green Tea: An aromatic blend of organic jasmine flowers and green tea leaves, harvested in Jiangxi Province. This full-bodied loose tea has a characteristic jasmine flavor and a strong jasmine scent. Enjoy it warm with floral notes for a soothing cup of tea, perfect for weight loss. 
  2. Fair Trade Jasmine Green Tea: Made from high-quality green tea leaves and fresh jasmine flowers harvested in Jiangxi province. This certified fair trade tea has a delicate jasmine aroma and a light, sweet taste. Drink it warm and enjoy a soothing tea full of health benefits. 
  3. Organic Jasmine Tea: This high-quality tea is made from organic jasmine flowers from Jiangxi Province and has a distinctive jasmine flavor with a subtly sweet aftertaste. Enjoy it warm or chilled and enjoy the powerful jasmine scent.

Green Tea

Jasmine Green Tea is a special type of green tea known for its delicious jasmine aromas and semi-sweet floral notes. It is made from fresh jasmine flowers and green tea leaves from Jiangxi Province in China. This organic jasmine tea is often sold in both loose leaf and tea bags and can be brewed in hot or cold water. Jasmine green tea is known for its powerful jasmine scent and distinctive jasmine flavor. Those who drink it enjoy its unique scent while experiencing its purported health benefits, which range from aiding in weight loss to relaxing and calming effects. This delicious jasmine tea is also considered ethically produced as the jasmine flowers are hand-picked and meet fair trade standards.

Organic Jasmine

Made from high-quality organic green tea leaves harvested in Jiangxi Province and blended with fresh jasmine flowers to create a smooth, naturally sweet tea with floral notes.

Fresh Flower Tea

Brew a cup of premium jasmine green tea with fresh jasmine flowers and a distinctive jasmine flavor for a powerful jasmine scent. This tea comes from the Jiangxi province of China and is made from hand-picked organic jasmine flowers and fresh green tea leaves. The floral notes of this tea underline its unique taste. Enjoy a cup of hot water with a few loose green jasmine tea leaves to experience the full flavor and benefit from the weight loss effects. This Fair Trade certified tea guarantees quality and freshness with every sip.

Loose Leaf Tea

Made from green tea leaves from Jiangxi province and blended with organic jasmine flowers and jasmine flowers for a recognizable jasmine flavor and powerful jasmine scent.


Recipe: How to Brew Organic Jasmine Tea

Recipe: How to Make Organic Jasmine Tea


- 2 teaspoons of high-quality organic jasmine green tea leaves 

- 1 teaspoon of fresh jasmine flowers (or dried jasmine flowers for a stronger jasmine scent) 

- 2 cups of hot water (not boiling). ) 

– 2 teaspoons Fair Trade certified jasmine green tea from Jiangxi Province (optional) 


  1. Start by measuring out two teaspoons of high-quality organic jasmine green tea leaves and placing them in a cup or kettle. 
  2. Add a teaspoon of fresh jasmine flowers (or dried jasmine flowers for a stronger jasmine scent). 
  3. Then pour two glasses of hot water (not boiling) over the tea leaves and jasmine flowers. 
  4. Leave the tea to brew for about 3-5 minutes so that the floral notes of jasmine are clearly visible and the tea acquires the desired jasmine flavor. 
  5. Strain the tea into a cup. For a stronger jasmine flavor, you can optionally add two teaspoons of fair trade certified jasmine green tea from Jiangxi Province. 
  6. Have fun! 

Benefits: Known for its purported weight loss benefits, jasmine tea also has a calming and soothing effect on the mind and body.