Organic Kumaon White Tea (YMT)

Organic Kumaon White Tea
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Revel in the luscious melody of flavors with our Young Mountain Organic Kumaon White tea. From the first delicate sip, you’ll be whisked away on a blissful journey through juicy notes of honeydew melon, savoring each delightful, dew-kissed drop.
Grown with all the tender care of the first warm sun rays of the season, our Kumaon White Tea is an ode to purity, embodying the clean, floral aromas that signal new beginnings.
Prepare for a playful tug-of-war on the palate as this leafy maestro conducts vegetal notes reminiscent of a freshly peeled cucumber, blurring the line between green and white teas.
When you sip on this exquisite brew, you're not only treating yourself to a cup of tea—you're joining hands with Kumaon tea farmers in their pioneering quest for their region's first farmer-owned tea factory.