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Organic Mango Tea

Organic Black Tea, Organic Calendula, Natural Mango Tropical Flavoring
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Behold, the Organic Mango Tea! This soothing and rejuvenating drink is here to tantalize your taste buds and leave you feeling freshly-refreshed! The energizing and delightful flavor of this tea is due to the combination of organic black tea leaves, organic calendula petals, and organic mango pieces all blended together in sunny California. This organic blend of natural ingredients is sure to give you a flavorful and nutritious treat. Whether you’re a tea-connoisseur or a tea-novice, this Organic Mango Tea is the perfect beverage for you. Or how about trying this tea as a iced tea? Simply pour it over ice and enjoy the tropical flavor of mango all year round! So don’t hesitate to get your Organic Mango Tea today and embrace its exotic taste!