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Organic Orange Spice Tea

Organic Black Tea and Organic Orange Peel, with Natural Flavoring
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When you can’t decide between a hot cup of tea and a sweet orange dessert, Organic Orange Spice Tea is the perfect solution! Combining the best of both worlds, this organic black tea blend is bursting with natural sweetness from orange peel and warmth from cinnamon. Not only does it appeal to your taste buds in the most delicious way, it has the added benefit of antioxidant properties that help support your immune system. So go ahead and enjoy a cup of this warming treat without feeling any guilt! Organic Orange Spice Tea is blended right here in California with only the finest organic ingredients. You can trust that every sip is free from any additives and that each sip will bring you a world of flavor – the sweetness of orange peel and the warmth of cinnamon. Not to mention all the health benefits from those antioxidants and it’s certified organic credentials. So why not make Organic Orange Spice Tea your favorite go-to tea when you want the best of both worlds? Enjoy a hot cup today and feel good about it!