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Organic Pomegranate Tea

Organic Black Tea and Organic Safflowers, with Natural Flavoring
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Do you want the feel-good flavor of pomegranate without any of the added unnecessary sugar or calories? Introducing ORGANIC POMEGRANATE TEA, the perfect low-calorie alternative to satisfy your pomegranate cravings. A special blend of organic black tea and organic safflowers, this tea will have you feeling revitalized and energized all day long. Take a moment and enjoy this amazing tea. Take a sip and let its light, crisp taste fill your tastebuds with joy. With every sip, you'll be feeling unbelievably refreshed and alert for any task that comes your way. Whether you're drinking it in the morning to start off your day or as a pick-me-up in the afternoon, ORGANIC POMEGRANATE TEA is the perfect addition to your daily routine. This award-winning tea is made from only the finest organic ingredients, which is why it's the perfect tea for any time of year. Plus, it was blended with love in sunny California, so you can enjoy its natural flavor whenever you want. So go ahead and try ORGANIC POMEGRANATE TEA—you'll be glad you did!


Due to issues with sourcing organic flowers, our products containing Organic Safflowers are currently being produced without them. We understand that this is an inconvenience, but we are doing our best to bring Organic Safflowers in. We will let you know when they return.