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Purple Jasmine - Kenya Purple Tea Blend

Purple Tea
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Introducing Purple Jasmine, the newest addition to the Kenya tea family! If you’re looking for a tea that’s both unique and delicious, then this is the one for you. Purple Jasmine is a blend of premium Kenyan purple tea, resulting in an exquisite flavor like no other. With its sweet woody taste and floral undertones, you’ll fall in love with its smooth and balanced flavor the moment you take a sip. Plus, the rich, dark liquor makes it all the more enjoyable. What sets this tea apart is the fact that the purple tea leaves are grown at high altitudes, something that’s said to impart a unique sweetness. Add to that its sweet, woody aroma, and you’ll never want your cuppa any other way! Purple Jasmine is the perfect tea for those looking for an adventurous yet flavorful cup. So why not indulge in a bit of deliciousness today? Blended in California and sourced from Kenya, the Purple Jasmine experience awaits!