How Its Made: Blooming Tea />

How Its Made: Blooming Tea

How Its Made: Blooming Tea

By:International Tea Importers -19/11/2021

Very Blooming Tea is artistically hand-crafted by artisans in China. For the base of Blooming Tea the most popular ones to use are either green teas and white silver needle teas. Each tea leaf is hand sewn into the fresh flowers found in the center of each tea, after which they are wrapped in cotton yarn and fired. After this step is taken, flavor is added to the Blooming Tea before it is then baked again repeatedly, five times over. A few popular flavors include Lychee, Mango, Guava, and Passion Fruit.

The highly skilled artisans who create these little tea masterpieces believe that their creations symbolize different aspects of life. The three main symbols are love, happiness, and prosperity. With this being the basis of their creations they choose to work with only the highest quality and freshest teas and flowers available to them.

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