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Tea and Wine

Tea and Wine

By: International Tea Importers - 02/12/2021


Tea and Wine, two beverages that you would not group together. But did you know that Tea and Wine contain a vast amount of similarities, all the way from the cultivation to the tasting? Both utilize the terms sommelier and terroir and both tastings are conducted in the same manner, linking the two together even more. Though they do contain their own unique and distinct taste and flavor profile, it is a match made in heaven.

Let’s start with the taste and flavor profiles of tea and wine. Tannins is a word that is frequently used in both tea and wine. Green tea is known to contain a high amount of tannins, which helps create a slightly bitter taste, similar to that of wine. Another key word is astringency, both tea and wine contain varying amounts of astringency based on the type you are drinking. Due to the similar profiles, a large number of the same foods and dishes that one would pair with wine can be paired with tea. Popular ones are Tea and Cheese pairings and Tea and Chocolate.

      Tasting tea and wine is incredibly similar. During a proper tasting of either, one is provided with a spit bucket, this is because you are only supposed to coat your mouth with the beverage. This is mainly done because you do not want to have the lingering taste of the previous tea or wine when you move on to the next. Another similarity is that you are to slurp and take in air when tasting. This increase of air helps to enhance the flavor and aroma of the tea or wine. Unlike when tasting teas, which you can taste an infinite amount of in a day, wine is limited to a few at a time to prevent that unfriendly hangover the next day.

All of this talk about tea and wine must have you wondering where this is going? Well, what if we were to tell you we have wine infused teas! Years ago our founder was inspired by his love of tea and wine. He wondered “what if we take the floral taste of tea and combine it with the fruitiness of wine?” Below we have highlighted our three signature wine infused teas.

A true classic. Our White Champagne Raspberry is a delicate white tea that is pure and simple. Fresh and crisp, the white tea base offers a clean, refreshing drinking experience with a surprising hint of champagne. Finished with fruity red raspberry notes, this is a truly refined beverage.
A tea that tastes like Cabernet wine and smells like rose petals and jasmine flowers? You must be dreaming of Pink Sonoma! This light-bodied white tea is delicately infused with flavors of Cabernet wine and subtle floral notes.
The Assam Jungle Cabernet is a complex blend of black tea and spices. The licorice root and cinnamon provide a strong yet sweet aroma, while the Cabernet wine enhances the flavor of this spiced tea.

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