Tea and Food: A Food Lover's Guide />

Tea and Food: A Food Lover's Guide

Tea and Food: A Food Lover's Guide

By:International Tea Importers -21/10/2021

When one thinks of pairing food with a beverage more often than not wine is the first thing that springs to mind. But did you know that pairing food with different teas is a thing as well? Tea during this modern age we live in, is seen as the 21st century equivalent to wine. Tea, like wine, can be paired with a wide assortment of delectable foods ranging from sweet to savory. You don’t have to limit yourself to pairing tea with only sweets or a traditional Afternoon Tea setup, below we provide you with some of our favorite foods to enjoy a cup of tea with.

lack Teas are famous for their robust, strong flavor profiles. This makes black tea a perfect partner for a savory meal. If you are looking for a protein to partner black tea with hearty, rich meats such as beef, lamb, and venison pair wonderfully with it. If you prefer an option that can be served with meat or as a vegetarian option then pasta is the way to go. Heavy pasta dishes filled with a rich tomato sauce pairs great with black tea.

Green Teas when brewed are known for the signature earthy, vegetative notes it emits. These signature flavors allow for a little more room for food pairings. Vegetarian dishes partner wonderfully with green tea, as do salads of any kind, mild green curries, and light fish or chicken dishes.

Oolong Teas are known for containing a signature smoky taste and providing drinkers with a varying flavor profile. Diverse flavor profiles and foods pair wonderfully with an Oolong tea, such as fruity desserts, smoked cheeses and meats, and dishes with heavy usage of herbs and spices.

White Teas contain a delicate and light flavor profile, with this being known you do not want to pick a dish that could overpower the taste of White tea. Subtle and delicate foods such as a white fish dish, mild cheeses, scones, and light hors d’oeuvres pair wonderfully with the subtle aroma and taste from a cup of white tea.

Herbal and Tisane Teas can contain a wide variety of flavors stemming from the number of different fruits and flowers that can be included in these distinctive blends. These teas can contain a natural sweetness from the ingredients, making them a great partner for robust desserts such as indulgent chocolate truffles, decadent cakes like Black Forest Cake, and lastly a rich fudge brownie.

Are you looking for the perfect pairing?

Whatever tea and food delicacy delights your customers palette, know that we here at International Tea Importers have a tea for everyone’s liking!

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