What's Trending This Season: Fall Edition />

What's Trending This Season: Fall Edition

What's Trending This Season: Fall Edition

By:Siobhan Nasby - 11/08/2021

As the last hot days of summer approaches, one can’t help but think about how quickly Fall will be just around the corner. When one daydreams of the autumn season, rich and tantalizing flavors such as pumpkin, cinnamon, apple, ginger, and a delicate blend of mulling spices all spring to the forefront. No matter what tea palette you are trying to please, we have you covered this Fall with our Fall Tea Sampler Pack. Below you will find the 12 teas included in this bundle, sure to make any passionate tea connoisseur sing their praises. 
  • Organic Assam TGFOP - The taste of Indian tea is unlike any other - it's rich, full, and refreshing. This organic Assam TGFOP is sourced from the Assam region of India. It has a smooth top note with a sweet and robust flavor.

  • Pumpkin Spice - You know the drill, it’s October and up next is Thanksgiving. Time to squash the pumpkin spice craving. The best way to satisfy your taste buds? Our Pumpkin Spice Tea - a refreshing blend of black tea, marigolds, and warm pumpkin spices.

  • Ginger Spiced Banana Bread - Inspired by the delicious flavors of warm ginger and spicy cinnamon, our Ginger Spiced Banana Bread Tea is a comforting and soothing tea that can bring warmth and happiness to any day. You’ll love the rich, delicious taste of this smooth black tea as it delivers the zing of ginger, the sweetness of apple, and the earthiness of roasted mate. Plus you’ll get a little extra boost from almond slices and cloves.

  • Organic Ceylon OP - Sri Lanka is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, close to the southern coast of India and is a distinct tea-producing region. Famous for its unique and amazing flavors, complex tastes and tender, sweet liquor. This Organic Ceylon OP has a wonderful aroma with a rich taste that will delight tea lovers.

  • Chocolate Mint - This tea starts with the delicately fragrant flavor of black tea, and then gets its decadent flavor profile from peppermint leaves and chocolate pieces. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a warm, soothing drink on a cold winter day!

  • Winter Mulling Spice - Mulling spice is a traditional blend of spices that is used to make hot beverages like mulled wine and cider. Our Winter Mulling Spice includes cinnamon chips, orange peel, and whole cloves to create the perfect holiday beverage.

  • Gold Tisane Apple Cinnamon - An herbal tea that tastes like apple pie! Our Apple Cinnamon blend is a tasty rooibos tea sweetened with cinnamon chips and apple pieces, and wrapped in a delightful bouquet of calendula petals.

  • Holy Detox - Holy Detox is an herbal tea blend designed to help the body. The formula includes Holy Basil, Spearmint, Rose hip, Lemon Myrtle, and Linden Blossoms which have been traditionally used for centuries to aid in detoxifying and digestive purposes.

  • Organic Turmeric Truffle - Our Organic Turmeric Truffle is made with 100% organic ingredients and features a delicious blend of organic orange peel, organic cacao nibs, organic pu-erh tea, organic pepper, and of course, turmeric. It’s the perfect way to indulge in an antioxidant-rich treat that won’t leave you feeling weighed down.

  • Mate Carnival - This blend of Mate, Rooibos, and Coffee will be a delightful addition to your morning routine. Mate Carnival is perfect for those who like to indulge in a delicious hot beverage with a hint of herbal flavors. The addition of Calendula Petals and Cornflower Petals will leave you feeling refreshed and uplifted.

  • Ginger Jasmine - The sweet aroma of Ginger Jasmine tea is irresistible and can be enjoyed anytime. Our Ginger Jasmine tea contains fresh ginger root, ginger essence, and orange essence to create a signature flavor that will transport you to a fragrant oriental land.

  • Moroccan Mint - Soothing and invigorating, our Moroccan Mint Tea is the perfect morning or afternoon beverage. A green tea blend with peppermint, this tea is gentle enough for any time of day but strong enough to give you a boost when you need it most.

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