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Apricot Brandy Tea

Black Tea and Apricot Pieces, with Natural Flavoring
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Apricot Brandy Tea is an exquisite blend of full-bodied black tea and succulent apricot pieces. It's the perfect combination of bold and sweet for a truly indulgent experience - enough to satisfy even the most devout tea lover. When brewing, you'll notice a light-amber color that's just as pleasing to the eye as the taste is to your palate. Enjoy the sweet aroma of apricot and savor the notes of fresh fruit as they tickle your taste buds. Got a bit of a sweet tooth? This tea is sure to satisfy it, with just the right amount of sugar. But don't worry – there's still plenty of boldness in each cup to give it all the complexity you expect from a luxury tea blend. This complex beverage is a real treat. Each sip will provide new flavor profiles, from the light sweetness of apricot to the robust undertones of premium-grade black tea. With a combination like this, Apricot Brandy Tea is sure to stand out in any collection. Let it inspire you, every time you enjoy a cup.