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Peach Apricot Tea

Black Tea, Calendula Petals, Peach Pieces, and Apricot Pieces, with Natural and Artificial Flavoring
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If you're looking for a tea that's anything but typical, then Peach Apricot Tea is for you! It's light and refreshing, blending smooth black tea with peach, apricot, and calendula petals for a sweet and tart flavor that will brighten up your day anytime. Plus, it's perfect for pick-me-ups, celebrations, and taking a bit of time to appreciate the moment. Our Peach Apricot Tea is responsibly sourced and blended with mastery right here in California, USA. From the unique mix of ingredients to the product's arrival in your cup, you can be sure you're drinking a high-quality tea crafted with love. Natural and artificial flavorings make this tea even tastier, providing a smooth sip that's both clever and ever-so-slightly unexpected. Whether you experience the tea in hot or iced form, you won't be disappointed! For a break from the everyday, turn to Peach Apricot Tea and treat yourself to a delicious moment. Grown with care and crafted with precision, it's a flavor you won't forget!