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Darjeeling Earl Grey

Darjeeling Black Tea, with Natural and Artificial Flavor
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Bigelow Tea's Darjeeling Earl Grey is the perfect ode to the tried-and-true classic. This extraordinary tea is produced from a blend of black teas from the legendary Darjeeling region in India, specifically sourced for their quality and flavor. Each sip of this light yet full-bodied blend promises to transport you to a state of pleasant fragrant joy, with a unique hint of bergamot and citrus flavor. Not only is this tea a naturally pleasing experience, but its abundant health benefits make it an ideal cup for those health-conscious lovers of tea. Not to mention, brewing this tea is an adventure in itself, as each cup of Bigelow Tea's Darjeeling Earl Grey pairs perfectly with just the right amount of brisk flavor, floral notes, and citrus taste for a unique experience each time. Whatever your level of tea-drinking expertise, the Darjeeling Earl Grey is sure to give you a delightful experience each and every time.

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