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Tropical Earl Grey

Black Tea, Calendula, and Safflower, with Natural and Artificial Flavoring
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Looking for something a little exotic? Meet Tropical Earl Grey! This extraordinary blend is made with only the finest ingredients, including black tea, calendula, safflower, and bergamot essence that create a deliciously soothing, brisk, and aromatic experience. Enjoy the fragrant flavors that linger on your tongue with each sip. There's no better companion to cozy nights, brisk mornings, and everything in between! So, you may be asking, what's so special about Tropical Earl Grey? Our unique blend captures the perfect balance of sweetness and citrus, perfect for those looking to branch out from ordinary tea varieties. With its floral aroma and exotic flavors, it's the ideal way to escape to a tropical paradise, right from your own kitchen. Plus, all of these flavors are blended together in sunny California for a truly authentic West Coast experience. Ready to get creative in the kitchen? Tropical Earl Grey can enhance all kinds of desserts. Try it on ice cream, in a tropical smoothie, or even bake it into cake. Whether you like to keep it traditional or keep it creative, Tropical Earl Grey is a must-have. So, don't wait and experience a taste of paradise with every cup!