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Dimbulla Ceylon Black

Black Tea
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Introducing Dimbula Ceylon Black tea! This tea is the perfect balance of bitter and sweet--the perfect drink for any occasion. Grown in the Dimbula region of Sri Lanka, the cut leaves of this black tea feature a sweet and pleasant aroma, along with a light and subtle flavor. Just one sip and you'll be swept away by the delicate muscatel notes and unexpected fruity flavor. Unlike other black teas, Dimbula Ceylon Black comes from select tea leaves harvested in Sri Lanka. This ensures that each cup features full-bodied, rounded, and nuanced flavor that you won’t find elsewhere. Once steeped, you’ll be tantalized by its unique flavor profile. So if you're looking for a deliciously sweet yet subtle tea, look no further than Dimbula Ceylon Black. Enjoy it in the morning to start your day off right, or sip away the afternoon with this delightful tea! Whatever the occasion, you’ll be glad you chose Dimbula Ceylon Black.