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Ratnapura Ceylon Black

Black Tea
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Introducing Ratnapura Ceylon Black- the perfect tea for the tea enthusiast who loves discovering unique flavor profiles. Cultivated in the beautiful foothills of the idyllic Sri Lanka, this exquisite black tea is sourced exclusively from the Beverly Estate. With its distinctive heavy-bodied flavor and mellow aroma, it has become a prized tea choice for tea connoisseurs around the world. What makes Ratnapura Ceylon Black such a delight? Its unique flavor profile! Rich and malty, with just the right amount of spice-- this tea will surely tantalize your taste buds! The aromas of this tea will excite your nostrils and have your mouth watering. Ratnapura Ceylon Black is perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s morning, noon, or night, you’ll be able to enjoy this tea with ease. Whether it’s for yourself or a friend, you’re sure to love it. So indulgent and decadent-- it’s the perfect cup of tea for the avid tea drinker. Take a sip and join us on a journey to ratnapura Ceylon Black!