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Earl Grey BOP (TBC)

Black Tea, with Natural and Artificial Flavoring
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Are you looking to add a little something special to your tea time routine? Earl Grey - Tea Bag Grade is the perfect pick-me-up. Every cup is lively and aromatic, and brewed with a classic blend of black tea, bergamot essence, and natural and artificial flavorings. Step away from the standard, and into something extraordinary with Earl Grey. This unique blend was masterfully crafted in California - and we guarantee that every cup is made with the freshest ingredients. Whether you’re new to the world of tea or a seasoned connoisseur, you’ll be able to taste hints of briskness, citrus and malt. Start your day with a dab of Earl Grey and you’ll experience the bold, lively flavors that make this beverage so special. Earl Grey - Tea Bag Grade is the perfect treat for anyone looking for a bit of excitement on their tea time. With its distinct flavor profile, you can count on each cup to be flavorful, smooth, and with just the right amount of undertone. Tiny and unassuming, the Earl Grey - Tea Bag Grade is little pocket of surprise that’s ready to bring a bit of cheer into any occasion.