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Fujian Oolong

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Welcome to Fujian Oolong, the classic and traditional Chinese tea packed with light, sweet flavor notes of flowers! One sip and the delicate aromas are sure to entice your senses - a perfect accompaniment for any time of the day, or night. Add a splash of sweet honey or a sprinkle of sugar for a more unique flavor if desired. Sourced from Fujian, China, this oolong tea is wholesome and natural - no artificial ingredients involved. With its floral profile, this delicious tea is sure to give you a boost of energy on your busiest days, while providing relaxation and comfort for those times when relaxing in the evening. So why not try Fujian Oolong, and discover the charm of a truly traditional Chinese tea. Enjoy a delightful flavor sensation, and feel the scent of refreshing flowers invigorate your senses. Enjoy the sweet and light flavor that this tea has to offer!