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Oolong Fannings

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Experience the unique and refreshing flavors of Chinese Oolong Fannings with every sip! This delicious oolong tea is grown in the China's tea plantations and then carefully broken into ""fannings,"" which are ideal for use as a base for blended teas. Each sip of Chinese Oolong Fannings will tantalize your taste buds with light and sweet flavors while giving you the right boost of energy without the overwhelming amount of caffeine. Bring a little bit of China into your home with Chinese Oolong Fannings. This tea is perfect for anyone looking to switch up their morning routine with an eye-opening cup of flavorful tea - just add hot water and let the aroma fill the room! Not only will you love the flavor, but your friends and family will appreciate learning a bit about China's tea culture as you invite them to join you in a cup. Enjoy the educational experience of Chinese Oolong Fannings today!