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Orange Vanilla Tea

Black Tea and Orange Peel, with Natural and Artificial Flavoring
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Discover a delightful combination of flavors with our Orange Vanilla Tea! Our unique blend brings together the best of both worlds in one cup - zesty orange notes and sweet, creamy vanilla for a delicious cup of tea that will make your taste buds jump for joy. Let our expertly crafted mix of black tea and orange peel make your hot beverage dreams come true. Tasting like a classic creamsicle, our tea brings together the perfect balance of citrus and sweetness. To top it all off, we add in both natural and artificial flavoring for a sweet ending. Each sip of our Orange Vanilla Tea will make you feel like you're gulping down a creamsicle, with a delightful creamy aftertaste that lingers on your tongue. Our tea is blended in California to bring you the highest quality product. Try our Orange Vanilla Tea today and experience a citrusy-sweet treat for your taste buds!