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Vanilla Tea

Black Tea, with Natural and Artificial Flavoring
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Do you love tea but wish you could add a little something extra? Give your afternoon cuppa some serious chic with our new Vanilla Tea. Made by blending organic black tea with natural and artificial flavors, this beverage is sure to make each cup a sweet escape. Put down the boring old tea bags and get ready for a warm hug in a cup. Centuries ago in the far East, vanilla extract was created by soaking the naturally fragrant vanilla beans in alcohol. Now here in California, we bring the same classic flavor to your hot beverage of choice. Our vanilla tea offers the delicate taste of vanilla along with a rich aroma that will linger beautifully with each warm sip. Whether you drink it with a slice of lemon or enjoyed hot with soy milk, you won’t regret reaching for our Vanilla Tea. Easy to use and packed with flavor, this is the tea you’ll always reach for! So don't compromise - break free of dull tea with a cup of Vanilla Tea.