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Organic Birthday Tea

Organic Black Tea, Organic Blue Cornflower, Organic Safflower, and Organic Marigold, with Natural Flavoring
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Welcome to the perfect way to celebrate something special - Organic Birthday Tea! Crafted with only the highest quality and natural ingredients, this tea provides an amazingly flavorful and delicious way to honor a special day. Made with organic black tea, organic blue cornflower, organic safflower, and organic marigold, this tea offers a unique experience with every sip. A hint of natural flavoring adds just the right amount of sweetness to make a truly memorable cup of tea. Organic Birthday Tea is not only incredibly tasty but a wonderful way to show your appreciation for that special someone. Organic Birthday Tea is sourced and blended in California to provide the freshest and healthiest possible beverage. Combining natural ingredients to create perfect flavor, this tea is a great addition to any celebration. Whether it's a milestone birthday, baby shower, or just because, Organic Birthday Tea provides a special way to celebrate. So join us in celebrating something special with Organic Birthday Tea! It's delicious flavor and superior quality make it the perfect choice for a truly memorable occasion.

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