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Organic Cinnamon Orange Spice

Organic Black Tea, Organic Cinnamon Chips, and Organic Orange Peel, with Natural Flavoring
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Feeling the chill this season? Warm up with the delicious blend of organic black tea, cinnamon chips, and orange peel in our Organic Cinnamon Orange Spice tea! Perfect for all your holiday needs, this spicy and flavorful tea will not only invigorate your tastebuds - it will also provide a comforting warmth that radiates from head to toe. Not to mention, its organic ingredients make for a healthier and guilt-free indulgence! This festive, holiday blend starts with our hand-selected organic black tea, which is then craftily blended with about the finest cinnamon chips and orange peel that you can find. A splash of natural flavoring adds a delightful sweetness to this unique and tantalizing blend. Sourced and made in California, this tea is sure to delight you with its high-quality flavors and ingredients. So this season, keep yourself cozy and invigorated with a cup of Organic Cinnamon Orange Spice! With its perfect balance of spices and natural sweetness, it's sure to leave you feeling warm and content.